Fitness and overall firefighter health is a top priority for the Grande Ronde Rappellers. Our crew is fortunate to have a long standing relationship with Eastern Oregon University's Lab of Exercise Assessment and Performance (LEAP). They have been doing fitness testing on our firefighters annually. Test include VO2 max, Maximal Strength, Muscular Endurance, Rotational Power, and, new for 2023, Lactate Threshold and Hematological assessments. LEAP has provided our firefighters with personized workouts and a 16-week pre-season workout program that prepares our rookies for training and our veteran firefighters for the upcoming season (GRRWOD). The LEAP program also provided us with a Nutrition and Supplement Guide.

Fitness Incentive

$300 CASH AWARD to any crewmember that scores 300 points or higher on the BLM Fitness Challenge

In addition to the cash award, crewmembers will get their name on the "300 Point Club" board at the base. Achieving a score of ≥300 on the BLM Fitness Challenge is an exceptional accomplishment and constitutes an exceptional contribution to the mission of the Aerially Delivered Firefighter (ADF). It is an undeniable fact that a very high level of physical fitness & physical capacity is a primary constituent element of successful, highly effective, and comprehensively resilient field going ADFs. As such, ADFs achieving a score of ≥300 on the BLM Fitness Challenge deserve recognition for their exemplary accomplishment.