Hiring Announcements

Forestry Technician Permanent Position Announcements for the 2024 fire season are CLOSED in USAJOBS. 

Announcements for Phase 2 Temporary Positions are will be OPEN 8/3/24- 8/16/24 in USAJOBS

GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Fire) 25-TEMPF2-R6-3868-4DH

GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Helitack) 25-TEMPF2-R6-0200-5DH

 If you interested in a position for this upcoming season, please fill out the employment interest form and we will be in contact with you via email. Thank you!

If you are the kind of person that is highly self-motivated, has a passion for physical fitness, enjoys the outdoors, and has a few years of wildland fire experience under your belt, then we are looking for you. If flying to work and fighting fire in some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the United States sounds like fun, fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you.  We are interested in candidates that are qualified as FFT1, ICT5 and or HECM, but will make exceptions for trainee applicants. We also value having qualified EMT's and WFR's on our crew. If you have any questions call Shane Dillavou at 541-377-2403.

How to Apply for Temporary Positions

The Process and Timeline 

October 1, 2023 ─ Outreach begins. 

October 26, 2023 ─ Vacancy announcements will be activated in USAJobs.gov.   

November 8, 2023 ─ Application deadline, 11:59 Eastern Time. Apply through www.usajobs.gov. Applicants are encouraged to apply for multiple locations (where they would accept a position if offered), even if positions for certain locations in which you are interested are not listed as vacant. Vacancies may occur during the hiring process and could be filled during Selection Week. 

January 2024 ─ Selections. Representatives from each forest will make recommendations for hiring. Candidates selected will be notified by a Forest Service representative by phone. Those not selected should check your USAjobs account for status updates. During the selection week candidates will be given 4 hours to respond to voicemails or emails from the recommending officials. It is highly encouraged to be available via phone during this time. 

April 2024 ─ Earliest possible effective start date. This will vary by position

Note: Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) and Forest Service – Fire Program Management (FS-FPM) qualifications must be met prior to vacancy closing date. 

If you are a returning federal firefighter, a current copy of your IQCS Master Record will be required for fire positions in this outreach because of these qualification requirements


How to Apply: 

 Please print and read the entire announcement and all the instructions before you begin. 


 You must complete the application process and submit all required documents electronically by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time 

 (ET) on the cut-off date or closing date of the announcement. Assistance is available during business hours (normally  

 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Monday – Friday Eastern Time). Applying online is highly encouraged. If applying online poses a  

 hardship, please contact FS HRM Contact Center Phone: 877-372-7248 Option 2 well before the closing date for an  

 alternate method. All hardship application packages with supporting documents must be received no later than noon on  

 the closing date of the announcement in order to be entered into the system prior to its closing. This agency provides  

 reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. Please contact FS HRM Contact  

 Center if you require this for any part of the application and hiring process. 


Step1 – Create a USAJOBS account  

(If you do not already have one) at www.usajobs.gov. It is recommended that as part of your profile you set up automatic email notification to be informed when the status of your application changes. If you choose not to set up this automatic notification, then you will have to log into your USAJOBS account to check on the status of your application. 

Step 2 - Create a Resume with USAJOBS or upload a Resume into your USAJOBS account.  

You may want to customize your resume to ensure it documents duties and accomplishments you have gained that are directly related to this position in order to verify that qualifications are met. In addition, your resume must support your responses to the online questionnaire (you may preview the online questionnaire by clicking on the link at the end of the How You Will Be Evaluated section of the job announcement). 

Step 3 - Click "Apply Online"  

Follow the prompts to complete the Occupational Questionnaire and attach any additional documents that may be required. You can update your application or documents anytime while the announcement is open. Simply log into your USAJOBS account and click on "Application Status." Click on the position title, and then select "Update Application” to continue. 

The following documents must be submitted to constitute a complete application package. It is your responsibility to ensure that all required documents are received within the required timeframes. Our office cannot be responsible for incompatible software, delays in the mail service etc. Failure to submit required, legible documents will result in elimination from consideration. 

NOTE: If a document is resubmitted, it replaces the previous submission, which means the previous document is no longer available to the Human Resources Office. If you are adding to, rather than replacing a previous submission, you must upload both the old document and the new document. 


Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act 

Important Note for Merit Promotion Announcements:  Under the Area of Consideration for Merit announcement, all regions will be including the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act (LMWFA) for eligible applicants.  Along with Forest Service-wide applicants already in career or career-conditional appointments, temporary employees who meet the LMWFA eligibility requirements may also apply to the merit announcement.  For this Act, a time-limited competitive appointment is either a temporary appointment or a term appointment defined as: 

LMWFA Eligibility Criteria: 

Appointed to the initial time-limited appointment under open, competitive examination (e.g., OPM competitive list of eligible, Demonstration Project Authority, Delegated Examining, etc.); and 

Required Documents to Show Eligibility for LMWFA:  

Land Management Agencies are defined as: 



Department of Interior agencies:  


Public Land Corps:  

Important Note: The Public Land Corps (PLC) Act of 1993 provides authority for the Federal government to utilize and expose youth to public service by hiring young adults (ages of 16 to 30) to perform needed conservation activities and assist the Federal government with natural resources. The PLC allows qualified individuals to apply through internal merit vacancy announcements to permanent positions and are provided career-conditional appointments if selected. 

On December 16, 2016, the PLC Act of 1993 was amended to (a) increase the age limit for participants, and (b) extend eligibility period. 

PLC Eligibility Criteria: 

Eligibility for noncompetitive hiring status under this authority continues for not more than two years after completion of Public Land Corps service. 

Required Documents to Show Eligibility for PLC: 

Agency Contact Information: 

HRM Contact Center 

Phone: 877-372-7248 Option 2 

TDD: 800-877-8339 

Email: fsjobs@fs.fed.us 

Agency Information: USDA Forest Service  

Do not mail in applications. See instructions on How to Apply.



Things to keep in mind when applying: 

Other places to have questions answered or get further information: